Ninja 7 Hybrid

The Ninja 7 Hybrid is considered a model that can be used as a commuter in urban areas, saving fuel and entering areas with no emissions. Vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines (ICE) are limited. All of this while also delivering the excitement of riding in the style of the desired Kawasaki motorcycle. The Ninja 7 Hybrid is the first model in this category to set the standard for HEV motorcycles, presenting the best components of both ICE and EV models. This revolutionizes the industry on a larger scale than simply integrating components together by combining them for the first time, a robust internal combustion engine with a size of 451 cc is paired with a compact motor to provide strong torque at the beginning and middle ranges, providing acceleration rates comparable to 1000 cc super sport bikes with the e-boost mode. Additionally, it can save fuel equivalent to bikes in the 250 cc class.

Furthermore, there are driving modes and various functions that allow the rider to adjust to different situations, whether it’s Sport Hybrid mode, Eco Hybrid mode, and electric modes for short distances and low speeds. There’s also a reverse gear for added convenience for the rider. All of this is considered innovative design that represents the future. The Ninja 7 Hybrid is ready to provide an excellent new riding experience for riders. The release date is yet to be announced.

Ninja e-1

From a manufacturer with a long history of producing motorcycles designed for fun riding and easy control, the new EV model from Kawasaki promises comfortable urban commuting, classified as a motorcycle in the 125cc class. Drivers will feel the happiness that Kawasaki delivers and transform your journey from mundane to something you eagerly anticipate as you experience the electric motorcycle innovation. This model is equipped with a responsive motor and strong low-end torque, making it easy to control and providing rapid acceleration from a standstill position. The motor produces less heat and vibration compared to gasoline engines and emits no exhaust emissions (0 Emissions). It can also generate excitement with the e-boost function, which allows the rider to quickly accelerate to the maximum speed in a short burst. In addition to the normal operating mode (ROAD), riders can also choose the speed-limited mode (ECO). The WALK Mode innovation assists the rider when maneuvering in parking lots, and charging (20% >> 85% charge time) takes approximately 1.6 hours for each removable battery pair (depending on conditions), with various charging options available for everyday convenience. The release date has not been specified yet.


Since 1924, the MEGURO brand has been known for its large-displacement, high-performance, and high-quality engines, earning admiration among Japanese riders. The MEGURO S1 inherits the legacy and trustworthiness of the Kawasaki brand for over 100 years. Not only does it inherit the Kawasaki 250 Meguro SG introduced in 1964, but it also carries the lineage of the “MEGURO Single” from the pre-war era. Additionally, it is closely related to larger motorcycles like the “Meguro K3” and “W800,” featuring a fuel tank with a blend of black and chrome, showcasing the distinctiveness of Meguro. The luxurious S1 emblem stands out. The release is scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

KLX230 SE 2024

Kawasaki introduces the new KLX230 series with enhanced performance and convenience features. The main focus is the 4-stroke fuel-injected engine, air-cooled, with a displacement of 233cc, improved for better responsiveness in the low-to-mid range for enhanced off-road performance. A significant update is also seen in the rear chassis subframe, allowing the rear wheel to travel farther and a thicker seat cushion for added comfort, while maintaining ground clearance. The adjustable seat height can be lowered to provide more comfortable reach to the ground. This greatly enhances potential and convenience for off-road and on-road riding, as increased wheel movement is beneficial for navigating rough trails, as well as absorbing impacts on uneven terrain. All models come with customizable ABS, allowing riders to deactivate ABS on both front and rear wheels as needed when riding off-road. The newly updated styling and features, such as smartphone connectivity, make the new KLX230 more capable and enjoyable to ride, no matter where the next adventure takes you. The release is scheduled for the third quarter of this year.