1. Rocket 3

The “Rocket 3 Storm R” and “Rocket 3 Storm GT” are the ultimate new editions in the Roadster genre, offering eye-catching, streamlined styles that deliver an exhilarating driving experience. They come equipped with the largest engines in the new-generation production line, boasting a engine capacity of 2,458 cc. This provides a maximum power increase of up to 15 horsepower, resulting in a peak power of 182 horsepower at 7,000 rpm, while torque is boosted by another 4 Newton-meters to a new peak of 225 Newton-meters at just 4,000 rpm. Both models feature a large 18-liter fuel tank, with a 16-inch rear wheel and a 17-inch front wheel that has been upgraded with cast aluminum alloy rims for a sportier feel and improved agility. Additionally, they feature a robust and lightweight aluminum frame and premium-level features, including 47mm large-size upside-down front shocks from Showa, which are fully adjustable for rebound and compression to deliver impressive control performance. The single rear shock, Showa RSU, comes with a fully adjustable preload, while the braking power is top-notch with Brembo Stylema radial front calipers and dual 320mm discs, as well as a Brembo M4.32 monoblock rear caliper with a 300mm disc. Moreover, both models are equipped with Optimised Cornering ABS, Optimised Cornering Traction Control, and Cruise Control with four riding modes: Road, Rain, Sport, and Rider-configurable.

Additionally, both models feature a Full Colour TFT display panel with a glare-free five-directional joystick, USB charging port, keyless start system, and standard steering lock. They also come with additional accessories that can be installed to connect to the motorcycle for turn-by-turn navigation, phone control, and music playback. Moreover, there are over 50 genuine accessories available to choose from to customize the motorcycle according to the rider’s style.

The Triumph Rocket 3 Storm series also comes with high-quality blacked-out finishes and unparalleled attention to detail. Each model offers three-tone options, with the Rocket 3 Storm R priced at 1,049,000 Baht, available in Carnival Red/Sapphire Black, Satin Pacific Blue/Matt Sapphire Black, and Sapphire Black/Granite. Meanwhile, the Rocket 3 Storm GT, priced at 1,079,000 Baht, is available in the same colors but differs in the orientation of the color scheme. Both models come with a Triumph Warranty of 2 years with unlimited mileage, including a comprehensive service interval of up to 16,000 kilometers and complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance (Triumph Roadside Assistance) for the duration of 2 years.

  1. Tiger 900

The Tiger 900 GT Pro and Tiger 900 Rally Pro have received significant upgrades with the new 900cc triple engine, increasing power by 13% to a maximum of 108 horsepower and increasing maximum torque to 90 Newton-meters. The new engine also improves road grip in the lower rev range with a T-Plane crankshaft that balances with the explosion range. Both models feature a lightweight modular frame, adjustable windshield, adjustable seat height up to 20mm, and a 20-liter fuel tank. All LED lighting including distinctive DRL headlights, compact rear lights, and backlit switch cubes are standard. The heated grips and seats can be temperature adjusted, and they come with the My Triumph connectivity system as standard, allowing access to music, phone calls, and turn-by-turn navigation through the easy-to-use 7-inch TFT display. The Tiger 900 GT Pro, focused on road use, features lightweight cast alloy wheels, 19 inches at the front and 17 inches at the rear, for perfect balance between road control and off-road riding capability, while the Tiger 900 Rally Pro uses wire-spoke wheels without tubes with a 21-inch front wheel.

All the new active safety features for maximum performance on both road and off-road include the Brembo Stylema® Monobloc brakes. The Tiger 900 GT Pro comes with Marzocchi 45mm inverted front forks fully adjustable with electronic preload and rebound, with 180mm wheel travel at the front and 170mm at the rear, while the Tiger 900 Rally Pro features Showa 45mm inverted front forks fully adjustable with preload, rebound, and compression, with 240mm wheel travel at the front and 230mm at the rear. Both models also feature optimized cornering ABS and traction control, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), and Triumph Shift Assist as standard. The Tiger 900 GT Pro has 5 riding modes including Road, Rain, Sport, Off-Road, and Rider Configurable, while the Tiger 900 Rally Pro has 6 riding modes, including an additional Off-Road Pro mode.

Furthermore, both the Tiger 900 GT Pro and Tiger 900 Rally Pro have a redesigned Tiger style, focusing on adventure and featuring more than 50 additional accessories. Among them, the new Akrapovic exhaust system is included. Riders can choose from 4 accessory kits, including Performance, Protection, Trekker, and Expedition, to customize their motorcycles according to their preferred style.

Both Tiger 900 models come with the Triumph Warranty for 2 years with unlimited mileage, including the value of high mileage service coverage up to 10,000 kilometers or 12 months, and free 24-hour roadside assistance for 2 years. The Tiger 900 GT Pro is priced at 639,000 baht and is available in Snowdonia White as standard, with premium color options including Graphite/Sapphire Black and Carnival Red/Sapphire Black. The Tiger 900 Rally Pro is priced at 659,000 baht and is available in Carbon Black/Sapphire Black as standard, with an additional option of Ash Grey/Intense Orange or Matt Khaki Green/Matt Phantom Black.

  1. Daytona 660

The “Daytona 660” is a mid-sized sports motorcycle born anew to cater to a new generation of riders. It comes equipped with the latest three-cylinder engine, with a displacement of 660cc, delivering a maximum power output of 95 horsepower at 11,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 69 Newton-meters at 8,250 rpm, paired with a 6-speed gearbox. It features a new exhaust system with a 3-into-1 header and a compact under-slung silencer, providing a powerful and sporty exhaust note. In terms of equipment, it boasts a large-diameter 41mm Showa upside-down front fork and a Showa rear monoshock with preload adjustment. It is equipped with twin 310mm floating discs at the front with radial four-piston Brembo calipers and braided hoses, paired with Michelin Power 6 tires for confident riding in both wet and dry conditions. The Daytona 660 also features advanced technology to enhance the riding experience and safety, including electronic throttle control for sharp and precise acceleration response. It offers three riding modes: Sport, Road, and Rain, which adjust throttle response and traction control settings to suit various riding conditions.

As for the user interface, the Daytona 660 features a user-friendly TFT display panel designed to provide clear visibility without obstructing the rider’s view. Riders can seamlessly integrate additional accessories via the My Triumph system, which includes turn-by-turn navigation, phone connectivity, and music playback. All functions are clearly displayed on the TFT screen and can be controlled via the gear switch for added convenience while riding. Furthermore, the design and aesthetics of the Daytona 660 have been revamped with a fresh perspective, showcasing a bold and dynamic new look with cleaner lines. Twin LED headlights are combined with a central air intake, and the minimalistic tail section emphasizes a sporty appearance. The rear LED taillight features a distinctive curved design, with the ‘660’ graphics prominently displayed, drawing inspiration from racing motorcycles for a striking visual impression.

In addition, the Daytona 660 comes with over 30 genuine Triumph accessories, allowing riders to further enhance performance, convenience, style, and real-world usability to better suit their lifestyles. Moreover, it offers the value of ownership with a Triumph Warranty of 2 years with unlimited mileage, including the benefit of high-mileage service intervals of up to 16,000 kilometers. Additionally, it includes complimentary 24-hour Triumph Roadside Assistance for a period of 2 years.

Furthermore, the Daytona 660 is now available for everyone to reserve at a price of 327,300 Baht and comes in 3 color options: Satin Granite/Satin Jet Black, Carnival Red/Sapphire Black, and Snowdonia White/Sapphire Black. Additionally, there is a special offer when purchasing the Daytona 660 with genuine Triumph accessory packages available in 3 styles: All-New Daytona 660 Pro+ package, which includes the installation of the Triumph Shift Assist Kit, at a special price of only 340,800 Baht. All-New Daytona 660 Touring+ package, which includes a Sports Tank Bag, Tail Pack, Tank Pad, Triumph Shift Assist Kit, Comfort Seat, or Low Seat, at a special price of 364,800 Baht. All-New Daytona 660 Sport+ package, which includes a Seat Cowl, Frame Protection, Tank Pad, Engine Cover Protection, Triumph Shift Assist, Scrolling LED Indicators (Front & Rear), all at a special price of 364,800 Baht.