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Buy A Ticket, Get A Chance To Win A Car

The 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, Buy A Ticket, Get A Chance To Win A Car

Buy A Ticket, Get A Chance To Win A Car by answering questionnaire
1st Prize LUMIN estimate worth 500,000 baht
2nd Prize Kawasaki KLX230, worth 145,200 baht
3rd Prize Yamaha Fazzio worth 53,800 baht
4th Prize Suzuki Nex Crossover, worth 49,900 baht
5th Prize Honda Wave 110i, worth 46,400 baht
6th Prize Souvenirs of the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show for 100 winners, worth 50,000 baht in total

Terms and Conditions
Grand Prix International Public Company Limited as the “Organizer” of the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show” has generated an online questionnaire for a lucky draw event with the terms and conditions as follows:
1. The “Lucky Draw Participant” is a visitor who buys a ticket only.
2. The “Lucky Draw Participant” must scan QR Code on the ticket to answer the questionnaire on the website www.motorshow.in.th and fill in the identification card number and the ticket number to confirm your eligibility (one ticket number and one identification card number will have one chance to win a lucky draw.)
3. The “Lucky Draw Participant” must answer all questions in the questionnaire to be eligible to win a lucky draw.
4. The “Lucky Draw Participant” must complete the questionnaire within the specified date and time, which is from March 27, 2024 at 10.00 hrs. to April 7, 2024 at 20.30 hrs.
5. The “Organizer” will randomize lucky draw winners on April 10, 2024 at 21.00 hrs. in the presence of the witnesses and the honorary committee.
6.  The prizes that the “Organizer” will give to the “Lucky Draw Participants” (car and motorcycle prizes) will be displayed in the “Prize Display Booth”.
7. The “Organizer” will send a registered letter to the “Lucky Draw Participant” to get the prize, and a list of lucky draw winners will be announced on the website www.motorshow.in.th on April 7, 2024 at 12.00 hrs. and in the in-house magazines of Grand Prix in the May 2023 issue.
8. The “Lucky Draw Participant” who wins a lucky draw must present the identification card to the “Organizer” within 45 days from the date the “Organizer” has sent the informing letter.
9. If the 45-day deadline has passed and the “Lucky Draw Participant” who wins the prize does not show up, the “Organizer” will pass on the prize to a charity organization and publish the news in the in-house magazines of the “Organizer”.
10. The “Lucky Draw Participant” who wins the prize must be liable for withholding taxes and ownership transfer costs of the prizes and/or the products.
11. For the 100 small prizes (1 person per 1 unit), the “Organizer” will deliver the souvenirs of the Bangkok International Motor Show to the registered address.
12.  The employees of Grand Prix International Public Company Limited and IMPACT Exhibition Management Company Limited are not eligible to join the lucky draw event.
13. The decision of the “Organizer” shall be deemed absolute.

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