Featuring a sleek and stylish roadster design, with LED headlights seamlessly integrated with world-class technology, and vertical line digital taillights in a MINIMALISM style, to provide clear visibility in all driving conditions. Equipped with a high-performance 60V32Ah lithium battery capable of traveling up to 80 kilometers, and a 700-watt charger, at a special price of 88,000 baht (regular price 95,000 baht). Includes complimentary items such as a jacket, bear-patterned backpack, keychain, totaling 10,280 baht in value, plus free compulsory insurance and registration fees.

Compact and agile, it comes with a high-performance 48V24Ah lithium battery, allowing a range of 80 kilometers per charge. Suitable for short-distance use, it stands out with an adorable eye-catching design and vibrant colors available in 5 options: gray, green, white, orange, and silver. Offered at a special price of 32,000 baht (regular price 35,000 baht). Includes complimentary items such as a cap and keychain, totaling 6,380 baht in value.