Payak Motor leads the electric motorcycle parade, catering to all user groups, responding to the strong EV BIKE trend.

Mr. Phanu Sitisan, CEO of Payak Motor Power Group of Companies and Payak Motor Co., Ltd., revealed that “Electric motorcycles are highly popular vehicles due to their high performance, modern technology, long-term cost savings, and being 100% clean energy that does not pollute the environment. Electric motorcycles thus attract interest from all genders, all ages, and are suitable for all user groups. In the Thai EV Bike market, ZEEHO has received rapid responses with outstanding, distinctive designs, superior performance, excellent agility and stability on the road, accompanied by cutting-edge technology and environmentally-friendly driving solutions. It meets all lifestyles, satisfies all needs, and reaches all user groups.”

At Motor Show 2024, Payak Motor marches in full force with special promotions tailored to ZEEHONIANS (citizens of ZEEHO), reaffirming the concept of “LIFE AMPLIFIED” beyond all limits. Live without boundaries with the philosophy of ZEEHO, which takes steps beyond the Safezone with innovative electric-powered two-wheeled vehicles ready to support an unlimited lifestyle in every journey. This is the driving force behind the development of various ZEEHO models.

The highlight awaited by ZEEHONIANS to witness is the unveiling of the latest electric motorcycle model, ZEEHO AE2, along with the introduction of the high-end, contemporary motorcycle, the stylish ZEEHO C!TY SPORT.

Mr. Phutthapong Somjai, ZEEHO Product Advisor of Payak Motor Co., Ltd., further elaborated that, in addition to the launch of new models and full promotions for ZEEHONIANS, Payak Motor has collaborated with partner ZHEJIANG CFMOTO POWER to showcase the Concept EV Bike, with 2 models: ZEEHO AE6SE and ZEEHO AE8SE, special editions of the AE6 and AE8 series, equipped with powerful Hub Motor technology and new handlebar and display designs, featuring two 74V27Ah power units to maintain the high performance of electric motorcycles. This allows Motor Show 2024 attendees to experience the innovation of electric-powered two-wheeled vehicles for sustainable driving beyond the boundaries of ZEEHO’s DNA, reflecting the brand’s elevation of electric motorcycle riding with the development of the ZEEHO RIDE app for seamless and convenient connectivity at their fingertips, enhancing the riding experience with smart technology across all models.

This marks the first participation of the ZEEHO brand and Payak Motor at Motor Show 2024 from March 27th to April 7th, 2567. They have also sponsored a ZEEHO AE6+ electric motorcycle worth 109,000 baht as a prize for lucky draw winners among motorcycle reservations at the Bangkok International Motor Show 45th edition. Payak Motor management expects EV BIKE to attract interest from users of all groups and aims to reserve approximately 500 ZEEHO electric motorcycles during the event.