Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven

The 100% electric sports car, directly inspired by the legendary C 111 model of 1969, comes with a striking design that surpasses imagination. It showcases an extraordinary design concept known as the one-bow concept, emphasizing the beauty of the car’s lines and curves. This sets a new definition for the art of design, captivating onlookers with the distinctive return of gullwing doors in a golden orange hue, symbolizing the gateway to a luxurious future intertwined with sportiness. It stands out with its U-shaped front and attention-grabbing headlights and taillights, blending functionality with electric drive innovation powered by the Axial-flux motor system, created by YASA, a British electric motor manufacturer behind the high-performance motors in Mercedes-AMG. It presents a new level of performance and energy efficiency in automotive propulsion.

The interior design focuses on simplicity yet is filled with modernity. It starts with a long console display presenting all relevant car data with high precision. The seats, available in silver and orange, offer both Race mode and Lounge mode options, adjusting the seating position according to driving circumstances. The square-cut leather-wrapped steering wheel integrates various control systems seamlessly. The fusion of performance, design, and technology reflects the automotive industry’s openness to all future possibilities, making this car a symbol of legendary innovation and beautiful driving experience.