5 motorcycles with 125cc engines that are interesting, fun for everyday use, and suitable for trips.

It is undeniable that small-capacity motorcycles have become more popular lately. Those 125cc motorcycles are a convenient and economical option for daily commuting, whether it’s for going to work, shopping, or running small errands. By using a motorcycle, it can help reduce travel time and expenses significantly and also gives you the freedom to choose your route in a big city. Moreover, driving a motorcycle for leisure travel is an exciting and adventurous experience in life. Besides being able to reach various tourist destinations that are difficult to access by car, riding a motorcycle allows you to experience the atmosphere and nature of the tourist spots up close.

Honda Monkey 125

Out to make some noises, taking the excitement to every street, enjoying the world, activities, and showcasing your extraordinary self. This model adds vibrancy to this little buddy with the new tank color, alternating with Metallic colors, coated with 3 layers of paint while maintaining its strength with a steel frame, embracing a classic retro pattern with the TARTAN SEAT upholstery. The new frame color makes it look more stylish and eye-catching, with cool graphics on the fuel tank.


Engine: 124 cc

Power: 9.2 horsepower at 6,750 rpm

Torque: 11 Newton-meters at 5,500 rpm

Price: 99,700 baht

Honda Dax 125

Mischievous, effortlessly cool, and the epitome of challenge, that’s the essence of the Dax, which transforms every day into a day of delightful fun. With its distinctive T-Bone Frame design, high-mounted exhaust pipe, kickstarter, and dual seats, the Dax allows you to unleash full throttle joyfully. If you’re confident that you share the same DNA, then the Dax is the one ready to accompany you, making every day the best with Dax.


Engine: 124 cc

Power: 9.2 horsepower at 7,000 rpm

Torque: 11 Newton-meters at 5,000 rpm

Price: 84,900 baht

Honda CT125

A legendary classic motorcycle since 1960, the CT motorcycle for EXPLORER folks retains its unique SINGLE RIDING identity, “It’s more fun alone.” Intricately designed to allow full customization in the right way, it can go anywhere, ensuring a fun and adventurous ride. It’s time to explore, time to search, time to venture out.


Engine: 124 cc

Power: 9.2 horsepower at 6,250 rpm

Torque: 11 Newton-meters at 5,000 rpm

Price: 88,900 baht

Yamaha PG-1

ALL NEW YAMAHA PG-1 is ready to take us on a journey to discover ourselves, people, and new challenges. No matter what path, if your heart desires it, you can go together with the ALL NEW Yamaha PG-1. Continuing the success in the family car group with the lifestyle off-road vehicle, it has been uniquely designed in the style of an off-road lifestyle vehicle, ready to face new challenges. The body and frame are designed to be timeless and unique, with an outstanding and compact frame structure, ready for every path.


Engine: 114 cc

Power: 9 horsepower at 7,000 rpm

Torque: 9.5 Newton-meters at 5,500 rpm

Price: 64,900 baht

Suzuki Raider J Crossover

The latest new crossover-style motorcycle from Suzuki, designed with a distinctive Motocross identity, engineered for strength, durability, and easy handling. The Suzuki Raider J Crossover is ready to tackle any road condition, challenging every path as it is inheriting DNA from Suzuki’s racing champions, the RM-Z and DR-Z series, which have competed at the global level. The robust tank cover of the Raider J Crossover is crafted from high-quality Gloss Polypropylene material, the same material used in Motocross racing bikes. The color-infused material is resistant to scratches, highly flexible, and tough to break, ready to immerse you in the experience of true adventure riding today.


Engine: 112.8 cc

Power: 9.2 horsepower at 7,500 rpm

Torque: 9.1 Newton-meters at 6,500 rpm

Price: 56,900 baht