XPENG THAILAND showcased cutting-edge technology at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024, held at Impact Challenger, Muang Thong Thani.

XPENG THAILAND showcased cutting-edge technology, unveiling a new perspective with various electric vehicles at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024.

XPENG THAILAND is considered a new generation automotive technology company, importing, and distributing smart electric vehicles under the company XPENG Mobility Thailand Limited, a subsidiary of NEO Mobility Asia Limited. It stems from a collaboration between the Arun Plus Group, a subsidiary of PTT Public Company Limited, and Millenium Group Corporation (Asia) Limited, or MGC-ASIA.

XPENG THAILAND aims to establish a comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem in Thailand. It introduced the XPENG brand of smart electric vehicles, founded by Mr. He Xiaopeng in 2014, with a vision that technology will revolutionize transportation in the future. Emphasizing the production of electric vehicles with cutting-edge technology, XPENG envisions not only cars but also flying vehicles. At the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, XPENG showcased a variety of futuristic electric vehicles, promising an exhilarating glimpse into the future of transportation.

Mr. James Wu, Deputy Head of Finance and Accounting at XPENG Motors, stated, “XPENG is a leader in smart electric vehicle manufacturing and is favored by customers at all levels who are enthralled by cutting-edge technology. We believe that technology will drive transformation in the future of transportation.”

XPENG has consistently gained popularity, particularly in the European market and Eastern Europe. We have a global marketing strategy that involves collaboration with local distributors to establish a comprehensive distribution network and efficient after-sales service. We aim to integrate tailored electric vehicle development with the needs of customers in Thailand.

At present, electric vehicles in Thailand are experiencing continuous popularity, aligning with government policies aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. XPENG electric vehicles are well-suited to meet these demands, as they represent more than just a means of transportation. They also reflect the intelligence, efficiency, safety, and lifestyle of their owners.

Paramee Thongcharoen, Director of Marketing at XPENG Thailand, stated:
“XPENG Thailand has earned trust from XPENG Motors to officially import and distribute smart electric vehicles, ‘XPENG’, in Thailand. Our goal is to contribute to the creation of a comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem in Thailand through cutting-edge electric vehicles that meet the needs of Thai customers effectively. We aim to introduce a new dimension of sustainable transportation.”

At this event, XPENG made a grand launch, showcasing a wide range of electric vehicles for attendees to admire enthusiastically. Additionally, they opened reservations for the highly anticipated XPENG G6 electric vehicle ahead of others at the event.


The XPENG G6 is an Ultra Smart Coupe SUV, inspired by science fiction writers (Sci-Fi), with innovative design elements.

  • The XPENG G6 comes with an 800-volt battery technology
  • A single motor that drives the rear wheels.
  • It is available in two sub-models:

    1. Standard Range Fully charged, it can drive up to a maximum of 580 kilometers*. It accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.9 seconds.
    2. Long Range Fully charged, it can drive up to a maximum of 755 kilometers*. It accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.7 seconds. Both models have a maximum speed of 202 kilometers per hour and support super-fast charging.

Moreover, charging the battery from 10% to 80% takes only 20 minutes. The vehicle also features a full suite of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). The battery installation technology, known as Cell to Body, integrated into the chassis structure, is considered the best in the industry. Additionally, the Die-cast Structure assembly method enhances the chassis’ strength by up to 83%. The vehicle meets safety standards with a 5-star rating in both E-NCAP and C-NCAP.


The Flagship Intelligent SUV has achieved a 5-star rating in both E-NCAP and C-NCAP standards. It can travel up to a maximum of 702 kilometers* on a single charge and supports a maximum charging rate of 315 kilowatts. Charging from 10% to 80% takes only 20 minutes. The interior features VIP lounge-style spaciousness and comfort, along with ample cargo space. It is equipped with the Full-scenario ADAS XNGP (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) to assist the driver. The vehicle runs on an 800V silicon carbide platform and incorporates a smart double-chamber air suspension system.


This is the Ultra Smart Sports Sedan, which has achieved a 5-star rating in both E-NCAP and C-NCAP standards. It can travel up to a maximum of 702 kilometers on a single charge, with a charging time from 10% to 80% in just 29 minutes. The braking system is excellent, with a braking distance from 100 kilometers per hour to a complete stop in just 33.33 meters. Additionally, it features a rear-wheel-drive ratio similar to that of a supercar.

Smart Robot Pony:

XPENG’s UNICORN robot is designed to be a companion or travel companion. Its exterior structure is made from Liquid Silicone Skin, which is resilient to impact and scratches. It utilizes an AR Projector system for natural exploration and emotion display. The neck joint uses Elastic-fabric joint material, providing high flexibility. The four legs are made from lightweight yet stable materials, while the feet incorporate EVA superficial foaming foot technology for noise reduction, durability, and excellent shock absorption. Additionally, it features a high-performance hi-fi sound system for full entertainment support.


This is a two-seater flying car that operates without emitting exhaust fumes, marking another significant step towards pollution-free travel. It’s suitable for urban air travel at moderate altitudes, such as sightseeing flights or medical transportation. It features two driving modes: manual and automatic. In automatic mode, passengers can relax and enjoy smart entertainment files during the flight, ensuring safe landing with just the press of a button.

XPENG Thailand, the importer and distributor of smart electric vehicles ‘XPENG’, officially unveiled at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show. Alongside this, they have opened the opportunity for customers to reserve the XPENG G6, an Ultra Smart Coupe SUV, starting from today.