The VIAUTO BOMA is a new compact and practical electric vehicle, highlighting its main feature of being a cost-effective choice within the Economical option category. It has efficient driving performance and satisfies the need for energy efficiency.

The VIAUTO BOMA is an electric car with a sleek, compact design that makes parking at any mall or reversing into spots simple. As a 100% electric car, it can travel up to 200 km on a single charge and reach a top speed of 100 km/h. The battery is water-resistant with an IPX7 rating.

High-quality steel materials with a high-strength steel ratio of up to 65% are used in the car’s structural design, providing exceptional durability while maintaining the car’s lightness. This guarantees thrilling driving and seamless acceleration. Up to four layers of steel reinforcing the car’s A/B pillars increase safety and boost driver confidence. The braking system features ABS/EBD with an automatic braking system when there is a risk of collision with the vehicle in front. The driving performance is powered by a lithium battery with a power of 30 kilowatts and a torque of 84 Newton-meters. The energy consumption rate from testing shows that the electric power usage is only 25 satang per kilometer.

The cabin is designed to be box-shaped to provide a spacious interior, especially in terms of headroom and legroom for both front and rear seats, offering a comfortable and airy space. There are five doors in total: one rear door for luggage and four passenger doors. With a total storage capacity of roughly 2000 liters and 16 storage compartments, the car’s dimensions are 3517 x 1495 x 1660 mm with a wheelbase of 2459 mm, offering an incredibly spacious area that is easy to store items in.

The warranty for the car is three years or 100,000 kilometers, and for the VIAUTO BOMA (200 km range model), the warranty is eight years or 120,000 kilometers for the battery. The price is approximately 500,000 baht.