Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) launches new, high quality vehicles under the concept Environmental Friendly. This year’s highlights are the Mitsubishi Xpander HEV and Xpander Cross HEV.

Selling price in Thailand

Mitsubishi Xpander Cross HEV     Price       946,000 Baht

Mitsubishi Xpander HEV                Price       912,000 Baht

Mitsubishi Xpander HEV and Xpander Cross HEV are the first full-hybrid vehicles of Mitsubishi Motors. The model is recently launched and is ready to offer a new driving experience in the style of Mitsubishi e:MOTION. The model is full of power and confidence on every route with the combination of the 3 best unique technologies providing environmentally friendly qualification, excitement, and flexibility due to the electric motor from the Full-Hybrid system. These technologies have been inherited and developed from the success of plug-in hybrid vehicle systems (PHEVs).

The cool and unique exterior design of the model comes with the “HEV” logo on the front grille and tailgate lid, the “HYBRID EV” logo on the front door, blue lines decorated on the front bumper, door sills, rear bumper, and the four two-tone alloy wheels. The model provides the convenience and versatility with a 3-row 7-seat multipurpose design that supplies the demand of family car. The model combines the sleek design and eye-catching appearance with driving performance of SUV together perfectly.

The Full-Hybrid system provides a powerful smoothly flow acceleration without interruption which equivalents to excellent response to the driver command. This uniqueness is identity of an 85KW electric motor generator combined with a 1.6liter MIVEC gasoline engine. It comes with newly developed 7 Drive Mode, which driver can choose to adjust the driving mode as desired. It provides safety driving performance, confident on every route, and tackle all road conditions. In addition, the system also comes with Active Yaw Control (AYC) — Mitsubishi Motors’ unique technology that provides control and balance while cornering.