“Thai Yamaha Motor” celebrates its 60th anniversary with grandeur, showcasing cutting-edge automotive innovations, and introducing 4 new models to meet every segment’s needs at the Bangkok Motor Show, 45th edition.

Thai Yamaha Motor Company Limited celebrates its 60th anniversary by bringing its cutting-edge automotive innovations to the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, under the theme “YAMAHA REV PREMIUM MOBILITY WORLD – The Premium Mobility World of Innovation Towards Limitless Movement and Pride in Limitless Travel.” Communicating through design and styling under the concept of The Limitless Movement, reflecting freedom and constant motion, combining technology and presenting creative ideas through product and service enhancement towards premium satisfaction.

Mr. Pongsatorn Euamornchai, Chairman of Thai Yamaha Motor Company Limited, spoke about the concept and design of Yamaha’s booth this year: “On the occasion of Thai Yamaha Motor celebrating 60 years of Yamaha motorcycle business in Thailand, as a grand celebration, we have designed and presented a Yamaha booth under the name ‘YAMAHA REV PREMIUM MOBILITY WORLD – The Premium Mobility World of Innovation Towards Limitless Movement and Pride in Limitless Travel.’ Yamaha has endeavored to conceive and develop global motorbike technologies to enhance the quality of life for motorcycle riders, providing convenience and joy every time they ride a Yamaha motorcycle.

This year, Thai Yamaha Motor has brought Yamaha’s cutting-edge technology from the Japan Mobility Show 2023 in Japan to allow Thai people to experience Yamaha motorcycle technology for the first time in Thailand. Including the MOTOROiD2 (Motoroid 2), the future vehicle beyond imagination, which can merge human feelings and machinery together. Equipped with Active Mass Center Control (AMCES) to detect and adjust the balance of the vehicle, integrating AI to recognize and respond to the rider’s facial expressions and gestures. With the LEAF structure that has responsive ascending/descending properties never before seen in motorcycles, and YAMAHA ELOVE, a revolutionary motorcycle concept with the AMSAS (Advanced Motorcycle Stabilization Assistant System) scooter electric scooter concept that allows the motorcycle to stabilize itself at low speeds, adding safety for riders when they are tired while riding, but still able to travel safely.

In addition, we have brought the e-plegona, a plaything designed by merging art and scientific technology together, with the aim of exploring and studying the creation of “Kando*” experiences, which means feelings of excitement, happiness, and extreme satisfaction that occur simultaneously when experiencing an impressive and special experience. This is the shared philosophy of Yamaha, Motor, and Yamaha Corporation.

Additionally, there are Yamaha electric motorcycles, YAMAHA E01 and YAMAHA NEO’s, the future of electric motorcycles that are ready to connect every journey, including YAMAHA YPJ-MT PRO battery-powered mountain bikes displayed within the booth. Besides, there are Yamaha Wave Runner and YAMAHA SUPER JET watercraft, as well as YAMAHA APPAREL & ACCESSORIES for everyone to choose to shop according to their own style. We invite everyone to come and experience the innovations from Yamaha and enjoy the various activities within our booth.”

For this year’s Yamaha REV IDOL, the Yamaha booth is honored to have two beautiful Grand Misses: Miss Grand Samut Prakan 2023 “Khun Ratchakorn Yomrak” and Miss Grand Songkhla 2020 “Khun Narirat Chantraplod.” to add premium value to the booth. There are also new-generation handsome and beautiful Yamaha Advisors from Thai Yamaha Motor ready to provide information and assistance to everyone within the “YAMAHA REV PREMIUM MOBILITY WORLD” booth.

Finally, we invite everyone to come and experience the premium innovations in automotive technology and new exciting experiences within the “YAMAHA REV PREMIUM MOBILITY WORLD” booth together.”