Suzuki introduces the NEW SUZUKI XL7 HYBRID and the SUZUKI eWX at the 2024 Motor Show

Mr. Tadaomi Suzuki, the executive chairman of Suzuki Moto (Thailand) Co., Ltd., stated that Suzuki participated in the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show with the concept of ‘Journey towards the future’. The next chapter of our journey to the future involves inventing and designing cars to meet diverse needs, ranging from compact urban vehicles to sturdy and durable off-road vehicles. Suzuki believes that innovation should be available to everyone without limits and should inspire individuals to pursue all of life’s opportunities. As such, we are more than just a car company— we are ready to be your companion on every journey.

We remain committed to making new automotive innovations a top priority, guided by a vision of long-term responsibility towards the environment. As a core value, we remember the technology that makes carbon neutrality possible. For the first time, we are introducing two highlight models to Thai consumers at this Bangkok International Motor Show. These are the NEW SUZUKI XL7 HYBRID and the SUZUKI eWX Concept Model, an electric prototype car that represents Suzuki’s future direction.

Especially with the SUZUKI eWX Concept Model, an electric prototype car that symbolizes the direction of future city car development and is intended to be a “companion on the journey,” providing a user-friendly atmosphere. It was displayed at the event to reinforce the vision of driving towards carbon neutrality. The NEW SUZUKI XL7 HYBRID Multi-Dynamic Crossover, which we have officially launched in Thailand, marks another starting point in the development of environmentally friendly technology that will make every journey more enjoyable and valuable for you.

This time, we have brought the Concept Model, an electric prototype vehicle, for display. The SUZUKI eWX is 3,395 mm long, 1,475 mm wide, and 1,620 mm tall. It can travel up to 230 kilometers on a single charge. With this innovation, Suzuki is genuinely addressing the quality of life of its customers in all aspects and demonstrating to them that the company is not content to stop at just creating cutting-edge vehicles.

We are proud to present the newest multipurpose vehicle, the NEW SUZUKI XL7 HYBRID “Empower Your Journey,” at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show. This Multi-Dynamic Crossover vehicle integrates Suzuki’s Smart Hybrid technology, which works between the engine and the ISG along with a lithium-ion battery. It starts up smoothly and improves fuel efficiency as a result. It further strengthens your confidence with a full 5-year battery warranty and is as simple to maintain as a gasoline engine.

NEW SUZUKI XL7 HYBRID ready for sale, with the following colors and prices.

NEW SUZUKI XL7 HYBRID   Price Special price

Metallic Magma Gray

Cool Black Metallic 825,000     799,000

Pearl Snow White 830,000     804,000

Savana Ivory Metallic/Cool Black Metallic

Rising Orange Pearl Metallic/Cool Black Metallic 835,000                      809,000

Pearl Snow White Cool Black Metallic                                       840,000       814,000.

Drive for free for ninety days during a special campaign, or pay only 8,146 baht per month for up to 99 months. For clients who reserve and pick up their vehicle between March 26 and April 30, 2024, there are special introductory prices.

With just 99 units available for purchase at a starting price of 1,760,000 baht, Suzuki is preparing to unleash the Jimny Fever phenomenon once more. The compact off-road style SUZUKI JIMNY will be available for purchase. From today at 16:30 until April 7, 2024, at 22:00, interested parties can register to book and be eligible to buy the Suzuki Jimy.

There is no reservation fee that the registrants must give to Suzuki. If more than 99 people are interested in registering, the business will gather the names that have signed up under the requirements at the designated time and date. On April 9, 2024, the results of a draw will be made public on the website, selecting 99 people as the winners of the SUZUKI JIMNY.

The event will also feature a fleet of vehicles that are the pinnacle of value for money, led by the fully operational Suzuki Ertiga Smart Hybrid – The Power of Smart. This model won the Car of the Year 2024 award, also known as the Best Hybrid Mini MPV of the year 2024, organized by Grand Prix International PLC. This reinforces the outstanding quality of the product, which is full of value and meets consumer needs. It has a Lithium-ION battery and a HYBRID engine with Suzuki’s intelligent SHVS technology, which combines the functions of the engine and the electric motor Integrated Starter Generator (ISG). With a carbon dioxide emission rate of only 134 grams per kilometer, it improves driving performance for a smooth start and is incredibly fuel-efficient, achieving up to 17.9 kilometers per liter. With a five-year battery warranty, maintenance is as simple and worry-free as with a car powered by gasoline. Following the reduction, the special price is 699,000 baht.