Nex Point reinforced its leadership in commercial electric vehicles again at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show.

Nex Point, a manufacturer and distributor of commercial electric vehicles, currently offers over 30 models. These include electric trucks for small and large-scale cargo transportation industries, as well as various sizes of electric buses for passenger transportation. Currently, more than 4,000 vehicles have been sold and delivered.

In addition, the company showcased 4 models of electric vehicles at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show under the concept of ‘Nex Point Net Zero Emissions Expert

The first model, the flagship, is the “Electric Tractor Truck” with a battery capacity of 423 kWh. “It fits to the large-scale transportation needs and is distinguished by its unique identity unlike any other”. Powered entirely by EV 100% electric energy.

The second model, It included the jumbo 4-wheel Electric Cargo Truck. It fits medium-sized cargo transportation needs. It helps in cost-saving, ensuring value for money, and enables non-time-restricted operations. Equipped with a 59.4 kWh battery capacity..

The third model, is the 100% Electric Cargo Van, providing “a new alternative for clean energy transportation, free from pollutants”

The fourth model is the 2-door Electric Pickup Truck, fit to all cargo transportation needs and powered entirely by EV 100% electric energy.

The Nex factory is designed to produce approximately 9,000 electric vehicles per year. This is a growth to be proud of,

In addition, Nex Point is still committed to developing good products, delivering them to Thai people. Furthermore,this dedication aims to enhance the well-being of society and its people by creating jobs, developing talent, and producing environmentally-friendly products. With the hope that Thai people will be able to breathe with clean air.

“Nex Point aspires to be the ‘Nex Point Net Zero Emissions Expert”