MAZDA revives the rotary engine and opens bookings for a plethora of new vehicles at the 45th Motor Show.

MAZDA revives the legend of the rotary engine and unveils a lineup of new vehicles at the 45th Motor Show.

• Introducing the future-forward Mazda MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV, pushing boundaries for sustainable mobility.

• Unveiling the all-new pick-up truck style SUV, the New Mazda BT-50, with refreshed styling.

• Presenting the legendary sport roadster brand, the New Mazda MX-5.

• Opening reservations for the Mazda6 20th Anniversary Edition, limited to just 100 units in Thailand.

• Launching the Super Offer campaign, offering up to 120,000 baht discount or 0% interest rate.

Mazda has transformed its booth to showcase cars redesigned entirely under the theme “Love of Cars,” reflecting Mazda’s dedication to developing future technologies and products. This theme caters to customers who are passionate about driving and have an affinity for cars. The booth is divided into zones that narrate stories, with Mazda cars as partners in every experience. It emphasizes the importance of customers in every aspect of growth, communicating emotions, driving enjoyment, life satisfaction, and the future role of cars in enhancing people’s lives. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for car enthusiasts to share memories and strengthen the relationship between customers and the Mazda brand. Additionally, the booth features the Mazda MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV, a hybrid vehicle that combines electric and rotary engine technologies, offering convenience and extended range for every journey. This initiative allows Thai people to experience Mazda’s commitment firsthand.

Mr. Tadashi Munura, Managing Director of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., stated that this year Mazda has designed all new booths under the theme “Love of Cars,” inspired by the idea of having customers as an integral part of every journey experience. It is a hub of happiness for car enthusiasts, with exhibition zones including the Gallery Wall, where customers share impressive images of their favorite cars, and “You and Mazda Moments,” which conveys the joyous experiences of customers in every moment. This is our commitment and intention to deliver to every customer, supported by car enthusiasts through “The Memorable Love of Cars” initiative, where Mazda owners donate their beloved models to underprivileged children. Over 500 cars have been contributed, and Mazda is adding another 1,000 cars to accelerate the distribution of these models to children as soon as possible.

The key highlight is the showcasing of Multi-Solution technology aimed at carbon neutrality, delivering diverse and regionally appropriate technologies. It provides options for those seeking electric cars in an era transitioning from fossil fuels to electricity. Many may recall the rotary engine as a symbol of resilience and innovation. This is one of the Multi-Solution technologies from Mazda, reviving the legend of the rotary engine. It is the origin of Mazda’s diverse lineup of sports cars, from past models to the present, becoming globally recognized as Mazda’s DNA of sports cars. Every Mazda model exhibited at the event embodies Mazda’s philosophy, aiming to elevate the joy of driving and daily life experiences.

The NEW MAZDA MX-5 is a popular sports roadster that has been newly developed with a blend of cutting-edge safety technology and connectivity features, enhancing its driving experience. Priced at 3,029,000 Baht, it stands out with its exceptional combination of safety, convenience, and driving technologies.

At the forefront of the display is the New Mazda BT-50, embodying the Kodo: Soul of Motion design philosophy inspired by Japanese aesthetics. Equipped with a 3.0-liter turbo engine, the Hi-Racer variant is available in both freestyle cab and double cab with 4 doors, starting at an affordable price of 752,000 Baht, allowing you to lead every journey with confidence.

Another highlight is the debut of the New Mazda6 20th Anniversary Edition, a high-end sports sedan. Customers can reserve one of the limited 100 units available in Thailand today, priced at 2.499 million Baht.

Moving forward, Mazda continues to deliver the “Joy of Driving” underpinned by the core value of prioritizing humans at the center and striving to provide “Happiness in Life” by crafting joyful experiences for every customer’s daily life.