The 45th Bangkok International Motor Show 2024 Major Car and Motorcycle Manufacturers Join together for the 45th BIMS 2024

Grand Prix International Public Company Limited, the Organizer of “The 45th Bangkok International Motor Show” believes that car and motorcycle market will become lively again since 49 brands of the world major auto-manufacturers from Europe, Japan, India and Vietnam have participated in the show.

Dr. Prachin Eamlumnow, Chief Executive Officer of Grand Prix International PCL, as the Chairman of the 45th BIMS revealed that “The 45th Bangkok International Motor Show 2024 is organized under the theme concept of “The Mobility of Joyful Experiences”, which means “When the road of automotive technology and the road of life converge, the beauty of automobiles and challenging technology will reflect the creativity and innovation that fulfill happiness and joyful experience of every journey.”. In addition, the 45th BIMS is also ready to support eco-friendly technology and create business opportunities for the nation.”

The overview of this year’s show, the number of exhibitors has returned to the same growth as before the COVID-19 crisis, which is considered a clear expansion of the market and a good sign for Thai auto-industry. Even though, the growth of automotive industry declined in the beginning of the year, but with the strength of Bangkok International Motor Show that bring together all car, motorcycle, and other related products within one place, will definitely stimulate the growth of Thai automotive industry.

“Moreover, we have expanded the exhibition space to IMPACT Forum Hall-4, which literally covers up to 76,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space, compared to previous 60,000 square meters, by which over 300 million baht is invested for the event.”

The 45th Bangkok International Motor Show continues to receive the kind collaboration from Ministry of Tourism & Sports, The Thai Automotive Industry Association, Society of Automotive Engineers of Thailand, Thai Auto-Parts Manufacturers Association, Thai Intelligent Transport Systems Association, Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (under Royal Patronage) (RAAT), and Impact Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. in organizing the event.

Mr. Jaturont Komolmis, Chief Operating Officer of Grand Prix International PCL and the Vice Chairman of the 45th BIMS said, “This year, over 49 leading brands of car and motorcycle have placed their interest in joining the show, and there will be at least 20 new models launching at the show along with Hyper Concept cars such as Mercedes-Benz Vision ONE-ELEVEN and Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept.”

Moreover, there will be several highlight cars, including Lotus Eletre Blends Electric Hyper SUV, Lotus EMIRA in both I4 and V6 Supercharged variants, The NEW JEEP WRANGLER 2024, New Volvo EX30. The Chinese brand CHANGAN will launch LUMIN MINI EV for the first time at the show, while MG will announce the official price for MG4 D Facelift, following by HONRI that will make a debut of BOMA, a 4-seater EV.

The Vietnamese newcomer, VINFAST will launch VF7 (SUV EV) and the concept pickup truck EV, VF wild.

Meanwhile, Honda motorcycle will unveil the new electric scooter MOTOCOMPACTO, with its highlight luggage-sized design, along with UNI-ONE, the electric hand-free wheelchair personal mobility.

In addition, support has been received from various car and motorcycle manufacturers to design and decorate booths, attracting the attention of visitors to explore the products. The booth designs of each company have been considered and approved by the parent companies abroad, with a relatively high budget for design and construction. It is anticipated that this will bring back the vibrant atmosphere of the event, much like previous years.

“However, we believe that the coming of electric car manufacturers from China and Vietnam will add more diversity to the car market in Thailand. This has given a great opportunity for consumers to choose vehicles based on their preferences at appropriate prices. Importantly, visitors to the show will enjoy exploring and purchasing cars and motorcycles of every brand, model, and promotional campaign available in the country all within one place.”

Consequently, we have extended the Press Day to two consecutive days, namely March 25 and 26, 2024 to facilitate the press members to work conveniently, by which the presentation schedule for each brand will not be allocated too late into the evening. The Presentation Schedule of each brand can be downloaded at

Event Outline

V.I.P : Monday 25th March 2024, 12.00-20.00 hours
1st Press Day : Monday 25th March 2024, 10.30-20.00 hours
2nd Press Day : Tuesday 26th March 2024, 09.59-18.00 hours
Official Opening

Public Days : Wednesday 27th March – Sunday 7th April 2024, Total 12 days
Saturdays and Sundays 11.00-22.00 hours
Weekdays 12.00-22.00 hours
Venue : Challenger Hall 1-3 and IMPACT Forum Hall 4, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani

“For this year’s goals, we aim to grow approximately 15-20% in both the number of visitors and the booking number generated from the event, compared to the previous year. This is attributed to positive factors in various aspects, particularly the participation of new car manufacturers. Therefore, it is believed that Bangkok International Motor Show will undoubtedly be successful as in the past.” Mr. Jaturont concluded.

Mr. Anothai Eamlumnow, Chief Production Officer of Grand Prix International PCL and the Vice Chairman of the 45th BIMS said, “As the Vice Chairman of “Bangkok International Motor Show”, I am honored and grateful for all the support. It is certain that everyone will enjoy firsthand experience with many cars, motorcycles, and accessories at Bangkok International Motor Show this year. Besides, there are a lot more activities awaiting everyone as well.”

Bangkok International Motor Show is able to maintain its reputation as an automotive show that captures attention from around the world. This year, a decent number of more than 300 media have registered and show their interest to cover the show, which is greater than last year that had about 200 registered media. It is expected that the insight stories of Bangkok International Motor Show will be published covering all platforms throughout over 1,000 media outlets around the world. This significantly a proof that Bangkok International Motor Show of Thailand is truly recognized as one of the world class events.

This year, we have set up the eRacing zone that is packed with driving simulators with equivalent specifications to those used in FIA Motorsport Games competition for visitors to experience as an eRacing driver. And since FIA Motorsport Games has changed the software platform from Gran Turismo to Assetto Corsa Competizione, which is also one of the world’s renowned games, consequently, as the Organizer of eRacing Thailand Championship, we have shifted our competition platform to Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Last year, we have also sent the representative drivers to compete in ASIA PACIFIC MOTORPSORTS CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 in order to have our Thai racers prepared for the upcoming FIA Motorsport Games, which will be held in October this year.

Mr. Peeraphong Eamlumnow, Chief Growth Officer of Grand Prix International PCL and the Vice Chairman of the 45th BIMS said, “Throughout 45 years of the show, we have been continuously improving our organizing management in all aspects, ranging from space allocation, improvement in booth design regulations to the construction time frame. All these developments are for the purpose of enhancing the opportunities and enable Exhibitors to be more creative in presenting their products in a more efficient way. Consequently, this allows visitors to experience new booth designs and enjoy new product presentations that are finely prepared by each Exhibitor every year.”

In addition to the development of the show format and space management, we also prioritize in our visitor experience. We have been continuously developing various systems to support and facilitate both our visitors and exhibitors.

We have developed LINE Official Account or Line OA under the name “GrandPrix.Group”, which has been enhanced from last year. The system will facilitate visitor’s experience through various features such as Ticket Purchase, Visitor Registration, and it also works as a communication channel between the Organizer and visitors for publishing automotive news as well as to promote company’s growth with new products and services that have been developed for both auto and nonauto customers.

Moreover, we have also set up our database system called “Grand Prix Data Center”,and have applied FullLoop Ai to help us analyze customer behavior and need, so that we can focus our development on a right direction to better serve our Exhibitors and visitors.
Customer Experience (CX) has always been our priority because creating a customer’s impression is the key for repetitive customers.

This year, we have collaborated with TikTok Thailand for the second year in a row to make TikTok Motor Show Official. We have a fun activity that everyone can join in, which is called TikTok Hashtag Challenge. The hashtags to be used for this year are #MotorShow2024, #GrandPrixMotorShow, #TikTokรักรถ, and the lucky winner can win a prize from participating in this activity.

Miss Piyanut Jamsiriprom, Chief Customer Officer and Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer added about the highlight of the show, “This year is even more special with the expansion to Forum Hall 4. This hall is dedicated to special automotive namely, motorhome, auto accessories, Glamping Zone, Hyper car, Super car and classic car, which are rare and limited. The highlights of this hall are Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4, with limited to only 112 units globally, by which the no. 112 will be displayed at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show 2024. The hall will also be packed with Lamborghini Aventador LP770-4 SVJ 63 Roadster, Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse, Rolls-Royce Phantom Tempus, Rolls-Royce Dawn Landspeed, NISSAN GTR T-spec, McLaren 720S and Mclaren Speedtail that worth over 400 million Baht, which is another highlight of this year’s show.

The total value of all these models is worth more than 1,300 million Baht on the exhibition space of 11,600 square meters. In addition, this year we collaborate with Line Friend and bring the Official Product to the show for fanboys and girls of BROWN Bear and friends to enjoy taking photos and have fun with claw machine.”

The ticket price is 100 Baht as usual. For those who seek exclusive experience at The 45th Bangkok International Motor Show 2024, the VIP Diamond Lounge package is available at 999 Baht, allowing entry throughout the 14-day show with reserved parking, souvenir, and access to the diamond lounge that serves drinks and snacks. Every purchase of an admission ticket will have a chance to win a LUMIN EV car, and 4 motorcycles from HONDA, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI and SUZUKI.

For those who book a car or a motorcycle at The 45th Bangkok International Motor Show will have a chance to win an MG4 ELECTRIC D Version and ZEEHO AE6+ motorcycle.

The 45th Bangkok International Motor Show 2024 will be held at Challenger Hall 1-3 and IMPACT Forum Hall 4, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani from 27 March 2024 to 7 April 2024. The show opens from 12.00 hrs. to 22.00 hrs. on weekdays, and from 11.00 hrs. to 22.00 hrs. on weekends and public holidays.