Automotive Symposium 2024 “TAIA Meets the Press”

The Thai Automotive Industry Association (TAIA) together with the Thai Automotive Journalists Association (TAJA) and Dr. Prachin Eiam-lamnao, Chairman/Managing Director of Grand Prix International PLC.,who organized the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, jointly organized TAIA MEET THE PRESS which is the session will discuss with the theme of “Visualizing the Direction of the Thai Automotive Industry in 2024,”

Members of the Thai Automotive Journalists Association were strongly interested to attend the session in order to develop their skills and apply the knowledge gained thoughtfully as mass media representatives. They are ready to continue to serve as intermediaries to present quality news and information to the public. The session took place on Thursday April 4, 2024 at Sapphire 202 Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.