Lexus LM 500h is the epitome of luxury minivans, garnering overwhelming acclaim since the launch of the Lexus LM 350h. It features a first-class passenger cabin that is unique, flexible, luxurious, and elegant, creating a relaxing environment akin to being inside a luxurious hotel suite or a mobile office, conducive to both physical and mental relaxation.

The Lexus LM 500h comes with a new 2.4-liter Turbocharged Hybrid engine, a first for Lexus, along with seating options of 4 and 6 seats to cater to individual preferences. Furthermore, the distinctive Lexus driving signature has been transmitted to the LM 500h, providing drivers with powerful driving sensations, confidence in safety, and meticulous attention to detail designed particularly for rear passengers.

In addition, the LM 500h is equipped with various conveniences that can be tailored to diverse needs, such as the Personalized Screen for individual content presentation, a 2-Zone Audio System that separates sound for the driver and rear passengers, allowing different content to be enjoyed without interference, a Moon roof, an overhead control for the zone-based air conditioning system, and a removable touch screen rear controller.