“Kia Sales (Thailand)” launches full variants of “The Kia EV5” — a 100% electric mid-size SUV.

Kia Sales (Thailand) is propelling its business into the era of electric vehicles with the official launch of “The Kia EV5”. The exhibition of “The Kia EV5” at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show marks the first introduction of the model in the Asia-Pacific region. The model is a 100% electric mid-sized SUV that fulfills the desires of consumers with its comprehensive features, debuting for the first time in Thailand. This emphasizes the company’s determination to respond to the growing popularity of electric vehicles by presenting a diverse range of electric vehicle options to Thai consumers.

The company aims to penetrate the millennial couple and modern family market with the unique features of modern electric vehicle for travel. This distinctive design SUV is a combination of flexibility, comfort, advanced technology, powerful performance, safety features, and the longest driving distance when compare with others model in the same segment.

“The Kia EV5” that will be sold in the Thai market consists of 4 variants. All comes with special prices during the launch period until April 30, 2024. The variants are including 

  • The Kia EV5 Light, 1,249,000 baht.
  • The Kia EV5 Air 1,349,000 baht.
  • The Kia EV5 Earth Long Range 1,549,000 baht.
  • The Kia EV5 Earth Exclusive AWD 1,749,000 baht.

The customers who reserve any variants of The Kia EV5 before 30 April 2024 will receive a full 7-year quality warranty, free 24-hour emergency assistance service for 7 years, as well as an 8-year warranty on the car battery. Reservation is available at the Kia booth at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show from 25 March to 7 April 2024, at Challenger Hall 2, Impact Muang Thong Thani, and at dealers nationwide.