Honda reiterates its strong brand presence in Thailand, delivering innovation to drive the new era of life at the Motor Show 2024.

Honda, through Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., joins forces to showcase a comprehensive lineup of Honda products in Thailand at the Motor Show 2024. This includes cars, motorcycles, power equipment, along with new driving technologies, reaffirming its robust brand presence in the country. The booth is divided into zones according to Honda’s product groups for easy navigation. Starting with the Product Zone, the focus is on cars, led by the Honda e:N1, the first 100% electric vehicle manufactured by Honda in Thailand, available for rental through leading car rental companies, alongside the full hybrid e:HEV models. In the motorcycle segment, highlights include the ‘New Honda Giorno+ Donald Duck Special Edition,’ a fashion-forward ATV-style scooter, and the ‘Honda DAX 1978 Special Edition’ from CUB House, along with the 650cc class big bikes featuring Honda E-Clutch Technology.

An array of captivating models awaits, including Honda’s latest boat engines, designed to complement diverse lifestyles. Next up is the Lifestyle Zone, a showcase of Honda products that epitomize a complete lifestyle, featuring SUVs, trail-style motorcycles, and leisure boats. The final zone, the Mobility Zone, introduces innovative personal mobility solutions such as the UNI-ONE, a hands-free device allowing users to easily change direction by shifting body weight without using hands, and the Motocompacto, a foldable and portable electric scooter. Interested customers can explore and experience these offerings at the Honda booth (A23) within the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024, located at Challenger Hall 1, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani, from March 27th to April 7th, 2567.

Mr. Toshio Kuwahara, Head of Regional Business Unit (Asia and Oceania) at Honda Motor Co., Ltd., expresses gratitude to the more than 44 million Thai customers for their continuous support of Honda products over nearly six decades. Honda has been dedicated to offering a diverse range of driving products, including cars, motorcycles, and power equipment, to customers in Thailand. At this event, visitors to the Honda booth will encounter a variety of products under the Honda brand that seamlessly integrate with everyday lifestyles. This includes the e:HEV car lineup and motorcycles featuring diverse models catering to various lifestyles. Furthermore, there are 100% electric-powered vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, which are part of Honda’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality for all Honda products and activities by 2050. Additionally, new mobility products like UNI-ONE and Motocompacto have been introduced by Honda to meet the demands of the new era of mobility.

Mr. Hideo Kawasaka, Chairman and CEO of Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., expressed gratitude to all customers for their trust and support in the e:HEV vehicle group, enabling Honda to maintain its position as the number one player in the electric vehicle (xEV) segment in Thailand for the second consecutive year. The e:HEV hybrid drive system is well-suited for real-world usage today, blending power from electric motors, renowned for fuel efficiency, with the convenience of being able to travel longer distances on a single tank of fuel. Available in various segments, the success of e:HEV technology has paved the way for Honda to introduce another significant step forward in the electric vehicle (xEV) segment today, with the launch of the Honda e:N1, the first 100% electric vehicle manufactured by Honda in Thailand. This model is ready for customers to experience worry-free driving through rental services offered by leading car rental companies.

Mr. Chiketo Kimura, CEO of Thai Honda Co., Ltd., remarked, “Honda motorcycles are poised to elevate the lifestyles of Thai people through technology advancements and product enhancements. This time, we introduce the latest innovation, Honda E-Clutch Technology, making riding sport bikes more enjoyable and effortless. Additionally, we are delivering new value through special editions like the New Giorno+ Donald Duck Special Edition and the Honda DAX 1978 Special Edition, both introduced for the first time. Furthermore, we present advancements in battery technology for the future, known as the Honda Mobile Power Pack, which serves as a stepping stone towards various EVs. One such example is the Honda SC e: Concept electric vehicle prototype, showcased for the first time. Additionally, we’re showcasing the flagship Outboard Engine, the All New Honda BF350 V8, recently unveiled, for visitors to experience.”

At the Honda booth, we take pride in presenting a diverse range of products ready to meet everyone’s lifestyle needs, including cars, motorcycles, boat engines, and new driving technologies. Interested customers can visit the Honda booth (A23) at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024, located in Challenger Hall 1, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani, from March 27th to April 7th, 2567. For further information about our products or special offers, feel free to inquire with our sales consultants at the event or visit Honda car or motorcycle showrooms nationwide.