His Majesty King graciously bestowed royal vehicles display at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, creating joy and gratitude among the organizer and attendees.

His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn graciously bestowed three royal vehicles to the organizer of the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show to exhibit in the event. This showcase allowed the public to admire the royal generosity and reflect on His Majesty’s benevolence. The organizer, Grand Prix International Public Company Limited, along with Participants, Media, Thai and International Attendees, are deeply grateful for His Majesty’s kindness.

In this regard, the organizing committee respectfully seeks permission to present all three of the royal vehicles, graciously bestowed upon us, for showcasing at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show.

The Royal Coach, or the horse-drawn carriage, is a ceremonial carriage used by the King in various royal ceremonies in an era before automobiles.
This vehicle remained significant in the classic car industry and represented luxury during the 1950s and 1960s.
Royal Car 22 In active service from 2495 – 2500 BE.