Hilight GWM

GWM POER SAHAR HEV is a hybrid pickup truck that comes with a 2.0-liter hybrid gasoline engine, delivering 244 horsepower and 380 Newton-meters of torque. It combines power from a 106 horsepower and 268 Newton-meters electric motor and features 5 driving modes (in the 2.0T HEV ULTRA DOUBLE CAB AUTO 4WD version) and will officially debut in May.

The dimensions of the vehicle are 5,445 mm in length, 1,991 mm in width, and 1,924 mm in height, providing spacious and comfortable seating for every passenger. With a wheelbase of 3,350 mm, it enhances the width of the rear passenger cabin, resembling an SUV to offer a VIP seating experience for everyone. The highlight of this pickup truck is its smart opening-closing tailgate, controllable via touch with 2 modes.

Pre-booking for the GWM POER SAHAR HEV is available from March 25th, 2567 at 12:00 PM until April 30th, 2567 at 11:59 PM. Interested individuals can register for pre-booking at no cost through the GWM Application and GWM website. The first 300 customers to register for pre-booking and make a reservation payment after the official launch and announcement of the price will receive a special discount of 50,000 baht.

HAVAL JOLION is considered the flagship product of Great Wall Motors in driving nationwide sales in the SUV B segment. To reinforce its capabilities, distinctiveness, and brand recognition within its target audience, Great Wall Motors has collaborated with Gene Lab to enlist the talented and beloved Thai artist group “Three Man Down” as representatives of the new generation target group. They embody spirit, courage, and determination to fulfill their dreams and pursue what they love until they succeed. This aligns with the slogan of HAVAL JOLION, “RISE UP YOUR SPIRIT.” Catch Three Man Down and a special mini-concert featuring their new song “ให้เธอนั่งข้าง ๆ” at the Great Wall Motors booth on March 31st, 2567, from 13:45 to 14:15.

The GWM TANK 300 SUV is a hybrid powerhouse with a distinctive boxy design that stands out and is unmatched. It is robust, rugged, and another popular model continuously gaining popularity among premium customers and adventurous individuals seeking uniqueness and meeting their lifestyle needs. This time, the PRO model is open for booking with special privileges, ready for delivery starting mid-April. Priced at just 1,649,000 baht, it offers great value with additional perks worth up to 220,000 baht.